Trending Music (Malaysia) Dec 20, 2015

Gegar Vaganza 2 winner Siti Nordiana or Nana appears on the highlights with some of her previous clips / during the Gegar Vaganza stage performance still receiving high views. Some

SonaOne – No More

No More by SonaOne is one of SonaOne’s hit song and Malaysia’s first ever English song that won the Best Song Award in AIM 21 (2014). No More is a

Best of Youtube’s 2015 / Music Videos (Malaysia) 2015

Youtube Spotlight already released Youtube Rewind for this year’s of 2015. The 2015 version of ‘Youtube Rewind’ started with songs, getting all the way to the end from one songs’

12 Songs for This Year’s AJL30

Malaysia’s longest and number one authority of Malaysia’s music chart show, TV3’s Muzik-Muzik 29 2015, has come to its final stage, and Muzik-muzik 29 finally released its full final list

Psy 7th Album / Psy

Korean weird-fun and world insane pop music sensation has come back with his 7th album easily named ‘Psy 7th Album’ on Dec 1, 2015. Songs in Psy 7th Album are

Star Wars The Force Awakens / John Williams

Star Wars The Force Awakens Original Motion Picture Soundtracks consist of 23 held back songs/ soundtracks titles as to not reveal the movie spoilers contained in it prior to the

Spotify’s Year 2015 Global Most Streams Music/ Artists

2015 Top Five Global Male Artists Drake Ed Sheeran The Weeknd Maroon 5 Kanye West   2015 Top Five Global Female Artists Rihanna Ariana Grande Nicki Minaj BeyoncĂ© Ellie Goulding

See What Korean Guys Think of Malaysian Best Rappers

JoinOutParty showing some music videos from three most distinctive Malay rappers in Malaysia. SonaOne slow rap ‘No More’ quickly goes into liking as they both are R&B type of music

Get Soundtracks for Star Wars VII The Force Awakens (2015) on Screening Date

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens (2015) which is set 30 years after Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi (1983) is going to be on screen, this Christmas

Purpose / Justin Bieber

Pop music album serves a a follow up to Justin Bieber previous album, ‘Purpose’ is the strongest work ever by Justin Bieber. A rather retrospective and new atmospheric sound that